Dr. Suresh Ranchod
Dr. Suresh Ranchod
Dr. Ranchod brings a gentle worldly perspective to the treatment of back pain and associated disorders. East Indian by heritage, he was brought up with yoga and meditation. He was born in South Africa, studied and interned throughout India and the United States, where he began his undergraduate studies at Whittier College, California and received his chiropractic degree at Western States University in Portland, Oregon.

For the past 36 years, Dr. Ranchod has maintained a chiropractic practice in Seattle and Bellevue. He has travelled throughout India and the United States to attend numerous clinics and seminars. He has been active in the local community including the Rotary club as well as donating services to the needy, particularly the Pike Place Medical Clinic for about fifteen years.Please click to read the letter from the medical director.  He has also taught classes in health perspectives sponsored by the Bellevue Community College in the 1980's.

He has received certification of attendance at Swedish Medical Center for "Compassion in Medical Practice" and "Pain Management Symposium". Also Auricular Therapy by the American College of Additionology and Compulsive disorders . (note Washington State restricts the use of needles or electrical devices for this therapy)

Serious and inquisitive by nature, Dr. Ranchod's primary focus on back pain has led him to observe and study many different forms of treatment, representing a wide variety of perspectives from the latest and most advanced surgical techniques to the four thousand year old Ayurvedic Indian medical system which claims an eighty percent success rate in treating rheumatoid arthritis.

Dr. Ranchod welcomes all questions regarding his treatment techniques and is available for personal consultation. Simply call to make an appointment.

On a personal note. Dr. Ranchod himself suffered from a herniated disc and spinal stenosis , had successful surgery and continues his own rehabilitation program. He has compassion and understands and empathizes with what one has to go through to find the right treatment first hand!

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